D1 Hodge Stats

Details about some of the best D1 college wrestlers to have been considered for or to have won the Hodge Trophy. Read more about our approach to stats-based performance analytics in wrestling and articles about Hodge Trophy winners on our D1 Hodge Blog. Additional details and breakdowns are available on Google Docs.

Hodge 3D Wrestler Stats (3DWS) Performance Analytics (as of 24-Mar-2019)

Power Rating or Hodge Criteria Selection

Detailed Wrestling Stats Analytics Table

Wrestler Overall Rating (WOR)
Bonus %
Bonus % vs. Ranked
Matches vs. Ranked
Losses vs. Ranked
Bonus Wins vs. Ranked
Match Length Avg
Full Length (Ovt) Matches
vs Top 5
vs Top 10
vs Top 20
Falls in 1st Period
Fall likelihood
MD/TF likelihood
2019WinnerBo Nickal (PSU)WS02WxP02Flo020.8880.9000.70010075.24:04917.330041518140.60090.300
2019FinalistJason Nolf (PSU)WS01WxP01Flo010.8420.8390.58312075.064:591116.33106421580.484110.355
2017P4PBo Nickal (PSU)WS05WxP09Flo100.8310.7780.53813174.964:30916.42717331790.63040.148
2018FinalistBo Nickal (PSU)WS04WxP10Flo030.8130.7420.33312044.814:071414.531062416150.51670.226
2019FinalistYianni Diakomihalis (CU)WS04WxP05Flo040.7910.6070.20010024.295:291612.7280415740.250100.357
2019FinalistAnthony Ashnault (RU)WS05WxP03Flo080.7680.5940.25012034.225:412011320525850.250110.344
2016Career YearBo Nickal (PSU)WS08WxP05Flo050.7580.6570.35714254.235:372111.4352356860.229150.429

Hodge Stats Footnotes

*Please note that the 3D Wrestler Status WAPRS© tools works best when match action details (takedowns, by whom, choice, by whom, etc.) can be identified.

*Pound-4-Pound Rankings or Ratings from:

*Forfeits not included in wins per the WAPRS© modal's goal to analyze wrestler in-match performance.

*PDI (Point Differential Index), which is out of 22 points, is based on work by Kyle Klingman & Andy Hamilton. See this article in WIN Magazine by Mike Finn Klingman: Margin of victory should have a bigger team impact for details.

*Takedowns per 7 Minutes Wrestled based on work by Brian Jones. See this article in Black Shoe Diaries by JP Pearson: Phat Mat Stats is Digging Deeper into Bout-Level Statistics with Lemons and Pie for details.

*Dominance is the NCAA's standard dominance factor - team points scored / matches wrestled. The 3DWS Team Point Efficiency Rating (TPER) is the Dominance factor translated to a percentage. This was done to have a common percentage based factor for each rating.

*NOTE: The 3DWS Hodge Trophy page is still an "Beta-Version". We hope to move the world of wrestling statistics further in this direction.

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3D Wrestler Stats
I was able to use the stats analysis to make a line up change today. We didn't win the dual because of it, but we picked up a really strong individual win from the change.
Coach Mike DeRoehn