3D Wrestler Stats

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15 minutes with 3D Wrestler Stats tools will save you at least 15 hours of video analysis and focus any video analysis you do.
3D Wrestler Stats Packages Provide Performance Analytics:
  • For Every Wrestler, Not Just the Few that Have Video Available
  • For All Aspects of this Great Sport (power ratings for top, bottom, neutral, etc.)
  • In both Team Detail and Team Dashboard formats (including category & performance leader-boards)
Designed to do more than just count number of takedowns.
3D Wrestler Stats Packages:
  • Utilize the same Comparative & Predictive Analytics tools that businesses use to plan, estimate and monitor project performance
  • Are designed to help any wrestler, at any level move towards the best version of themselves
  • 3D Wrestler Stats also analyzes the best college wrestlers in the land

Stats Win Championships

A bit of a play on words as the counting of team points does, at the end of the day, determine an event's champion. Since this is probably only funny to statisticians or bean counters, the video explains a bit more about value 3D Wrestler Stats offers to teams and coaches.

3D Wrestler Stats
I love the time I save and seeing rich details about each wrestler during the season.
Coach Jeff Humpherys