Wrestling Stats in 3D

3D Focused Insights

Beyond Wrestling Stats – streamlined analysis of wrestler performance

Improve Performance

Focus on your wrestlers’ strengths and improve their weakspots. Insights from 3D Wrestling Stats save you time and guide the important work you do with your team

Get Your Wrestlers Talking

Wrestlers already talk about stats – now they will talk about improving their performance and re-focusing their efforts at practice

Get Back to Life

Too busy as a coach? Do we even need to ask? Let us transform your data, so you can focus on improving wrestlers and your team, and sharpening your own saw from time to time

“What I loved was getting back to coaching & designing practices, not to mention more time with my family. The 3D Wrestler Stats reports give me performance info about each wrestler in an easy to read format — it literally saves me hours of time, paperwork & headache.”

Coach Humpherys

Take Advantage of our Innovative Approach to Analyzing Wrestler Performance

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